In The Loop


SHOW DAYS  Monday & Friday

SHOW TIMES 10h00 – 12h00



“In the Loop” is a digital portal set to unpack global and national current affairs inclusive of the economic, political, entertainment and lifestyle space 다운로드.


Joining our radio team is Zizipho Dyubeni, a young dynamic 27 year old creative contributor with an impeccable skills set which includes writing, online curating, concept development and mc’ing vmware 무료.

She possesses and incredible knack to anchor dialogue,insight profound mind share and engage audiences attentively. Zizipho is inspired by communications as her most powerful sharing tool and believes her new show will operate as an outlet to share and distribute information with creative edge 웹로직 12c 다운로드.



The young 27 year old female possesses an incredible knack for creative dialogue be it through spoken or written communication she excels 새찬송가 mp3 무료 다운로드. Zizipho has over the, past five years  honed a voice that affords her listeners/readers experiential dialogue, operating as a freelance creative contributor has seen her wear many hats within the creative space 다운로드.

With a distinct and unwavering passion for all things creative and artistic she has also accustomed herself to an intensely corporate space allowing herself to perform with excellence in the social entrepreneurial space as well 다운로드.

She is a self-motivated, goal-orientated and incredibly highly spirited individual, who works well within a team environment and excels on solo tasks as well 다운로드. Her character is illustrative of an exceptional rapport and has an astounding ability to gauge “human aesthetic” in her work process flawlessly. Zizipho’s work ethic has afforded her window to opportunity, she remains a student in the work and social relations space as she believes that the human mind is more powerful when experiencing other human minds 나도 모르게.