How To Manifest In The 5th Dimension

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Today on Thrive in Spirit I chatted to Leisha Jarrett about how to Manifest in the 5th Dimension.
What does manifestation mean and how do we attract what we really want into our lives? We also gained clarity around the wound within so many of us around ‘giving and receiving’, recapped on what the move from the 4th to the 5th dimension means and much more 유튜브 엠피쓰리 다운로드.

For some of us “manifesting” in the 4th dimension was easy and now things have shifted! Have you felt a change? Are you experiencing a shift 제주고딕 폰트 다운로드? Join the conversation and type your comments below and ask any questions. Please also tag anyone you feel would benefit from partaking in this conversation 다운로드.

Leisha Jarrett, is a psychic intuitive healer and transformational coach and has joined us on numerous occasions, please look back in the video library if you would like further clarity on any of our previous discussions 다운로드.

As many of you know, I am a member of Leisha’s “Conscious Evolution Membership Program” if you would like to join me, click here:

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