How To Listen In Your Car

By now you will be aware that you can listen to 2oceansVibe Radio LIVE on your iPhone or Blackberry or Android Device (HTC etc.). All you have to do is visit the Mobile LIVE page using your device and download the app 다운로드!

Now that we’ve got that right, there are THREE ways to listen to it in your car.

1) One way is by plugging your phone (iPhone/Blackberry/Windows Mobile) into your car radio, using a direct cable 크롬 음악 다운로드. Only some cars will have this “AUX IN” interface. If your car has this, then all you need to get is the correct cable which feeds from your mobile device to the “AUX IN.” Then you can listen to the show LIVE via your mobile device, or you can listen to a downloaded podcast 셔플 노래 다운로드.

The “Direct Cable” Option

2) Another way (most popular) is to use a thing called a “FM Modulator.” This is basically exactly the same as an iTrip 다운로드. It is a device that plugs into your iPhone/Blackberry/Windows Mobile and broadcasts a signal to your car’s radio.

The popular “FM Modulator” method

As you can see in the image, the FM modulator (the black thing on the left of that image) will slot gently into your cigarette lighter, with a lead coming off it, which you plug into whatever device you wish 내일 그대와. The screen on the modulator lets you choose a FM signal that you wish to send to your car radio. Then all you do is tune your car radio into that same signal photoshop cs2.

3) The last, easiest and best way to get the feed to your car radio is via bluetooth. If your car has it, all you have to do is pair the device with your car and then you will be listening with no wires whatsoever 정음global 다운로드! A nice clear stream of awesome radio in your car, wirelessly streaming from your phone!

I know! Pretty cool hey?

So you would then plug it into your iPhone/Blackberry/Windows Mobile device, as you stream 2oceansvibe Radio LIVE from your mobile device, onto your car radio 다운로드!

Welcome to the future – it’s easier than you thought!

BTW, current broadcast settings allow streaming data usage of less than 20Mb of data per hour 다운로드. Listeners have confirmed that the data bundles they have on their phones (Vodacom is R190 for 600Mb a month) make it all too easy! Nice guys, very smart 정오의 희망곡 다운로드!