Hipster Rama

17h00 – 18h00

Harry Haddon is a regular apple pie kinda guy except for one important distinction, he was raised by wolves in a Kalahari jungle (yes there are jungles in the Kalahari and yes there are wolves in those jungles) … seven of them to be exact, well eight if you include Ralph but he’s one third falcon so technically it doesn’t count) 다운로드. Here Harry transitioned from teet to flesh via a prolonged pie phase… ironically… apple, and unfortunately developed a nasty allergy towards it 다운로드. He would however like to go on record as saying that he still feels the combination of citrus and crumb is nothing short of genius, but I digress. Over time this odd upbringing proved to be a blessing in disguise as one of the wolves in the pack was an ex roadie for the Grateful Dead turned Gonzo music journalist turned SAMA award winning Kwaito artist 호빵맨 다운로드. This wolf, who in the interest of national security will remain nameless (Geoff) imparted a wealth of musical knowledge to him, the likes of which have not been exhibited on local radio… until now that is 다운로드.

At age 16 Genevieve Akal bought an unassuming book from a second hand dealer. She began reading and realised that as she read the story it unfolded in real time 코만도스 다운로드. She found herself in a futuristic landscape where, in a sick twist, Nickelback and Creed had banded together and their music had the power to kill people 다운로드. The fate of this apocalyptic city fell to Genevieve who was now a fugitive on the run hunted by the bloodthirsty pop assassins Britney Spears and Rihanna 다운로드. The Daily Apocalypse Newspaper reported her undoing when a Mustang collided with her somewhere on a desert road where tarmac stretched out like 1980’s re-runs 다운로드.

Of course, they were wrong. The truth is she feigned death and wondered through the desert for days. It was here that she met a wolf boy named Harry jdk 1 4 2 downloads. Together they hatched a plan to defeat the musical tyranny. A plan known to the resistance as ‘Hipster Rama’.

Contact: genevieveakal@gmail.com

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