You Gym Hard And Can’t Lose Weight – Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong

Professor Patrick Bouic was in the 2oceansvibe Radio studio recently on the Just Josie Show for the Buchulife Health Watch 다운로드. He shed some light on a common problem that you may well be experiencing yourself – you adhere to a stringent exercise regime, and cannot budge an inch of fat from your body 다운로드.

So what’s to blame? Metabolic syndrome.

Harmful pollutants and pesticides in our environment and food promote low testosterone levels in men, and low estrogen levels in women – metabolic syndrome 다운로드. The result is extreme difficulty when attempting to lose weight. In the podcast, find out how to limit this problem and keep it under control and what you need to put in place to avoiding extreme damage 다운로드.

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  1. Francois

    January 16, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    Strange that this should be your topic today. I am busy with a liver cleanse program and have lost 4kgs in the past two days, and I am still only on the parasite cleanse part. Friday evening I will do the actual liver flush according to the Dr. Hilda Clark method. Great podcast, thanks for confirming what I’ve read online the last couple of weeks!

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