Graphic VS Organic – It’s A Print-Off!

Prints of one form or another are always key trends to watch. This season however, has left our heads spinning with a huge array of designs, from soft and pretty florals to bold geometric shapes 다운로드. There seems to be n print out of place this summer. And if you think prints are just a passing phase, think again. Even into next summer, the trend continues to play out 다운로드.

Fads however, are here today, gone tomorrow. These micro trends pop up making a short appearance, then fade quickly once the perception of novelty is gone 다운로드. Definitely something to keep a close eye on to see if it grows into a proper trend.

In today’s feature, 36 covered current micro trends, which is the classic white court shoe making a come back, paired with a black dress, and a few other fads 카카오톡 플러스친구 pc버전 다운로드.

Leather, neons and prints, whether they’re bold or floral inspired dainty prints, are in the fashion Do’s for this season. The podcast is also filled with tips on how to rock clashing prints – you have to be very bold to do this 다운로드! If you’re a little shy to go all-out-print though, listen in on how to wear the latest international runway trends on your nails, shoes and accessories vertx!

Podcast below!

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