For Parents Who Feel They Have Lost Themselves After Having A Child

Do you know who you are and why you are here? Do you know what your mission in life is? Are you aware of the daily guidance from your soul? No matter how great your outward success is, if you don’t know the answer to these questions, you might feel that there is something missing in your life 다운로드.

Parents often say that they feel like they have lost themselves after having a child, and they now only exist to be parents and forget the importance of finding the time to be themselves, or feel guilty seeking themselves intrinsically like that, cause it means that they aren’t 100% focused to the cause of parenting 다운로드.

Kath was joined in studio yesterday by Soul Coach, Emma Hamel from Time2BeMe. They discussed her 28-day soul coaching course, that’s been created to assist all of us onto an incredible life journey 자존감 다운로드. The course aims to allow you the space to gain clarity and control of your life, and in turn gain the greatest gift – the chance to live your greatest potential 다운로드.

If you missed out this very enlightening show, you can listen to the podcast below.

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