Why You Should Put Your Holiday On Your Credit Card

Travel agents have and know about all the good deals, and put all of these together for you according to what your specifications are for your holiday 다운로드. The main advantage of this is, your travel agent then becomes a direct point of contact, should anything go wrong on your trip, and they’ll sort it out for you 나인하프위크.

But planning your holiday can be just as fun as going on holiday, so if you’re more of a DIY person when it comes to booking holidays, and you enjoy spending hours on google checking out the best destinations and deals, the online option is the way to go – and may also be cheaper as they don’t have to pay for the bricks and water 다운로드.

In the podcast, Maya gives a few tips on how to save when planning and budgeting for your holiday. From saving money by booking flights in advance (9 months prior for international flights and 4 months for domestic) through to how to get built-in travel insurance – whether you’re booking with a travel agent, or doing all bookings yourself, these are things you MUST know 다운로드.

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