Delicious Chats From Tashas with Bailey

Natasha Sideris, well known entrepreneur of the succesfull Tashas restaurants will be on The Bailey Schneider Show today 2pm-3pm 인버터 다운로드.

The menu: pasta is listed alongside lamb cutlets, designer salads, quesadillas and Turkish flatbreads and yet the establishment has become known for great food that keeps people returning time and again 다운로드.

They do some of the best breakfasts in town: try the potato rösti topped with bacon, roasted baby tomatoes, rocket and a poached egg. The emphasis is on healthy options like freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, fresh herbs and organic eggs 한컴 오피스 2018 다운로드.

A good and compact wine list, as well as classic cocktails and champers by the glass.The cappuccinos are among the best in town.

All of this goodness is done with a smile and “chop-chop” 피시렛 다운로드.

Do not miss the The Bailey Schneider Show today 2pm-3pm, very yummy conversation coming up 다운로드!

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