Defending & Rationalising Your Daily Coffee Expenditure

8 out of 10 women buy coffee on a daily basis, adding up to about R500 a month.

This is a lot of money when you think in terms of saving this R500 a month and investing it in unit trusts with an average return of 10% 다운로드. In 10 years, you will have saved a whopping R100 000!

BUT, to justify spending on your daily coffee fix, one also needs to take into account what that cup of coffee is giving you everyday 다운로드.

Is it really just the R15 per day, or is it an hour of down time spent relaxing? Time spent with a friend? A much needed change in your work environment to keep you motivated 다운로드?

In terms of the quality of life it’s giving you, that simple cup of coffee becomes worth the spend.

In the podcast, Maya chats about a recent survey conducted with women regarding money 다운로드. Listen in to find out how you should be balancing these ways of spending all the time, but not against debt, rather against other purchases.  

The coffee scenario, was one of the few which popped up in the survey, along with women having secret bank accounts, and opting to spend more on their wedding than honeymoon 커넥션 다운로드. All the juice in the podcast below.

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