Budget Your Monthly Earnings, By moneysmart

Financial education is essential when budgeting your earnings. Tobie Van Zyl, CEO of moneysmart.co.za, joined Angel and Kamini from 2Girls 1Mic, and informed us on how to budget your monthly earnings youtube 자동 자막.

What you should be doing is, taking 15-20% from your salary and placing into a retirement fund. Another 10% should go into short term savings for goals and emergency funds 씽크유. Thereafter comes rent and other priorities, and finally, the luxuries.

Do you spend your salary in reverse by servicing your debt, spending on luxuries and then put money away for saving 다운로드? Make it your priority to find a good source of financial information and find out how to get your finances in order, using moneysmart.co.za Good time download.

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