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Most of us have within the recesses of our brains, those fond memories from childhood , that centre around food.

Tune In Now

You know the ones, wherein we can recall Chilly Sunday afternoons spent watching our Mother’s cook a family lunch using a time-honoured recipe from her Mother’s Mother, or her Mother’s, Mother’s mother. Literally every person I’ve ever met has at least ONE story to tell about a “Secret Family Recipe” from their Grandmother’s hand-written Recipe Book, that revolves around a meal that can be best-described as “Comfort Food’.

In my own life, that story would be the Lamb Stew my mother has been cooking for me every Winter of my life, which is cooked identically to the recipe that my own Granny cooked for my mum when she was a girl, and so on. It’s funny how Winter time always seems to be the season wherein these “Family Recipes” seem to rear their heads and encourage us to tuck into meal-time with a more visceral nostalgia than at any other time of the year.

Perhaps the Cold stimulates a primordial need for us to nurture and nourish ourselves more than at other times, and as such, us humans reach into a primordial sort of “survival mode” that makes us want to remember the way our ancestors ate and cooked in their own era’s. Who knows though? But, for the sake of The Banks Kitchen Shop Gadget Review’s for the month of June, Chef Peter Goffe-Wood and I decided to focus on the topic of “Slow Comfort Food”.

The idea was to get you all to dig out the old recipe book you inherited from your Grandmother or Mum, and rekindle your childhood dinner-time memories using some modern-day technology , which could invariably recreate that dinner from your memories in as close to the real thing as is possible! Please enjoy these four gadgets we have picked out and reviewed for you to use this Winter – and can find and purchase exclusively at The Banks Kitchen Shop in Cape Town, during these last couple of months of Icy Cold in South Africa.

The Corningware Covered Casserole:

Just about every South African has a memory of a piece of Corningware sitting in their Mother’s Kitchen Cupboard. Before the era of Teflon and other non-stick Cookware being intriduced into the market, everyone knew that using 100% ceramic for cooking was the safest and most effective way to prepare a meal. Nowadays, people have become more discerning about what materials in cookware can do to one’s HEALTH. So, in this review, we explain the health benefits of using a 100% ceramic dish, like the Traditional Corningware:

Kitchen craft non-stick stainless steel double boiler:

The Clearview Stainless Steel Porringer is designed to cook delicate sauces. The lower pan envelopes the upper saucepan in water, thereby maintaining an even temperature to prevent the burning or curdling of sauces and custards, and the burning of foods such as scrambled egg. The set includes a 16cm saucepan with a thick encapsulated base, plus a 14cm insert with a rounded bottom, vented toughened glass steam lid, and cool touch riveted side handles. Suitable for use on all types of hobs including induction.

Severin Sous Vide Cooker:

Sous vide is a culinary technique in which vacuum-sealed food is immersed in a water bath and cooked at a very precise, consistent temperature. This cooking technique typically involves cooking food for longer periods of time at a lower temperature.

The Graef Multi-Slicer:

This is actually something that Pete uses in his own Kitchen , and regards as one of the most invaluable investments to creating consistent meals for his clients. If you are an inherent perfectionist and are exploring new ways to prepare meat, then you may want to consider this luxury toy sometime soon.

The Graef Master 9 Food Slicer from Graef is ideal for slicing wafer-thin ham, salami and carpaccio slices, fresh, aromatic cheese, fruit or nice, crispy vegetables, or using a toothed blade (available as an additional item) for slicing home baked crusty loaves of bread – spoil your palate. The Master series offers the ideal slicing machines for ambitious private kitchen chiefs, who appreciate a styleful and functional universal slicer with fascinating attraction,

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