Banks Kitchen Gadget Must-Have’s

Yoh! July gadgets were on FLEEK! These had to be some of the most useful, diverse and
ingenious gadgets we’ve reviewed in quite some time.


We’ve pretty much selected a range of gadgets that meet the most DAILY requirements you have in your kitchen.
Wherein, for the most part, you’re probably using ageing equipment that is seriously influencing
the final product of your cookery in the worst of ways.

For instance, your knives. If you’ve invested in a really decent knife set, chances are, you’ve had them for ages, use them frequently and want to preserve them for as long as possible. The thing is though, how often have you ended up slicing your fingers to ribbons when trying to clean off those little crusted-on pieces of food that dries onto the shaft , hours after you’ve finished cooking and serving dinner? The worst thing is having those microscopic little pieces of
dried food on your knives that invariably pick up bacteria and create a food poisoning risk as well.

Thankfully, Pete found a little gadget that will preserve the use and longevity of ANY knife in the most simple and clever little way. In my opinion the Joseph Joseph Knife & Cutlery Blade Brush Cleaner has to be one of the smartest kitchen gadgets ever invented or reviewed on our show. And for fewer than two hundred bucks, you can’t really afford NOT to get one.

Similarly the Russell Hobbs Purify Health Fryer is something that really interests me. And, with the health & wellness Foodie scene absolutely EXPLODING around the globe right now, it’s almost a case of it being inexcusable not to own one of these baby’s if you, like me, are invested in a health-centric eating regimen during your weekday diet program.

The trick with healthy food, is finding new and inventive ways to gain the same sort of “comfort” food taste you are looking for, but without the calories or nutrient deficiency as regular starchy comfort food, right? So, for the most part, the majority of us have resorted to the sort of basic regimen which follows that sort of “banting” type meat, steamed veggies and salad type of eating routine.

The issue with eating this way day in and day out, of course , is the boredom that invariably grows as you begin to tire of the same old textures and flavours day in and day out. Inevitably, all your hard work goes down the tubes when you cave in at Jason’s Bakery on Bree street one Saturday morning, in a fit of “Carbocide” (my word for killing yourself on buttery, starchy, chocolate croissants, by the bucket-load, after being deprived of carbs for, like, a month
or more. )


So, again , how does one get creative when it comes to carb-light , healthy cooking, when you , like me, hardly have the budget to throw thousands of rands at The Wellness Warehouse every month on things like “South American Superfood Smoothie Mixes, Organic Kefir, Exotic Sprouted Quinoa Bread or a raw vegan gourmet food delivery service Well, we’ve found the solution! You need to make one, small investment in the form of the Russell Hobbs Purify Health Fryer.

It allows you to make ANY KIND OF CHIP YOU WANT – out of vegetables that do not contain the carbs and low nutrient count of the garden variety potato – which is of course your waist-line and thighs worst enemy! You can use Kale, Beetroot, Carrots, Sweet Potato, Bananas, any root or cruciferous vegetable you want, to make the lightest, fluffiest, crispiest, most DECADENT “chips” or “crisps”.

In my case I’d use this to make an assortment of everything, by the truck load, store in airtight containers and pack as a lunch every day with homemade Zucchini Hummus dip or a lovely low-carb Tzatziki or Taramasalata. There are so
many unlimited ways to add the “comfort” food element into your daily health routine here, without relinquishing control of your calorie intake, that, again, this is an investment you really cannot afford not to make.

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