Ask Dr Leila Sadien


Ask Dr Leila: Your Health, All The Truth.

A Signature Talk-Radio Series Produced Exclusively In Partnership Dr Leila Sadien Of Renascent Health.


Launch Date: WEDNESDAY 7TH JUNE 2017

Frequency: Fortnightly

Times Of Live Broadcast: 3:30pm – 4:00pm

Finally, we are proud to present to you,another magnificent talk-show series , 100% dedicated to your inalienable right to THRIVE 다운로드! Aimee Eveleigh, ( The Abstract AIMEE Show ) will be teaming up with Medicine’s most progressive personality, Dr Leila Sadien.

Dr Leila Sadien forms part of the new-breed of “Integrative Medical” Practitioners who are making incredible transformations in how the International Scientific Community treat , diagnose and relate to disease 다운로드.  For those of you who have never heard of the term “ Integrative Medicine” , what we won’t do is disclose too much detail here on this Bio Page!

We want YOU to tune in and hear for yourselves exactly HOW Integrative Medicine & Healing is addressing issues like Chronic Disease Management and Cures, in our Modern Times 정음 global 다운로드!


About Dr Leila:


Dr Leila is the principle and director of Renascent Health. She graduated from UCT medical school in 2005 and has been a GP in private practice for 8 years 나의 사랑 나의 신부. Trained also in reiki, homeopathy, aesthetic, integrative and functional medicine, Dr Leila has a passion for alternative medicine and holistic healing. She performs a broad range of aesthetic procedures including botox, fillers, skin peels and facelift threads. She currently offers the full spectrum of GP services as well as a range of integrative medical practices including dry needling, vitamin drips and biopuncture 웹 스피어 다운로드. She also specialises in stress and hormone treatment using functional medicine and bio identical hormones, detox methods, dietary and lifestyle medicine and gut repair. Dr Leila is also the Vice Chairperson Of The South African Society Of Integrative Medicine In South Africa. She has also just been awarded the honour of Vice chair of the Pan African Integrative Medical Congress and will be the official host and organiser of the congress in 2018 돌핀 이미지 다운로드.

“My interest lies in offering healing to patients holistically and with integrity. Helping the patient find meaning in their suffering and pain is a core focus in my practice and I believe that simply treating symptoms is not only short -sighted but can also be dangerous. I strongly believe that we all have the ability to cure ourselves, and my passion lies simply in being a facilitator in this process.”


So, What Will We Be Teaching You, During The Course Of Dr Leila’s Radio Series yuzu 에뮬?


We’ve all read the statistics in our local health media – in fact the Diagnosis rates for Cancer in South Africa in 2017 are one in two people! With statistics like that, everyone should be asking the question: “ Why are diseases that are not CONTAGIOUS , suddenly more prevalent than diseases that are?!” –  


Well, in the case of contagious disease, the miracles of Science have created incredible modalities like Vaccines to help contain the instances of things like Mumps or Polio, in our diverse, demographic-specific communities 크롬 ts 다운로드.


But what about cures for ACQUIRED illnesses like Cancers and Diabetes?


Why have these illnesses increased,  in terms of statistical diagnosis,  so drastically in our Modern Times? Surely, with the stark advancement in medical science, technology and all of their respective “breakthroughs” , these illnesses would be FAR more easy to contain than even the more contagious counterparts within the “disease spectrum” 윈도우 프리뷰 다운로드?


These questions – and many others – are areas of concern for ALL of us to become more educated on , right now. Thanks to Dr Leila Sadien, we’ll be tackling all of these subjects and SO, so much more!


Please find here a full breakdown of the Exclusive Topics being showcased in our newest Radio Series , “ Ask Dr Leila” 다운로드.

And don’t worry if you don’t find the time to to tune in for each live episode. All podcasts will be redistributed on our Soundcloud Page,…so give us A FOLLOW AND NEVER MISS AN EPISODE:


  1. “Let Food Be Thy Medicine, And Medicine Be Thy Food”
  2. “The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection”
  3. “ Debunking The Myths Around Alternative Healing”
  4. “ The Complexity Of Outer & Inner Image Balance”
  5. “ The Perfect Body Hoax – And How The Media Perpetuates The Lie…”
  6. “Eastern Wisdom, Tradition & Ancient Knowledge”
  7. “ Western Addictions & The Dumbing Down Of The Collective Human Consciousness”
  8. “ Childhood Illnesses & How To Raise A Little Warrior”