Ard Matthews Busking Outside 2OV Radio Studio On Friday Morning


2oceansvibe Radio has a lot of toys – but the one toy we don’t have, is a jet ski. Just Jinjer’s Ard Matthews will be doing the right thing on Friday morning – by busking for money outside our studio at the Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village (upstairs above the courtyard – 27 Somerset Road, Green Point) – in the hope of raising enough funds for this much needed cause 다운로드.


We’ve even printed out a tube map for the wall behind him (courtesy of Panascape) 휴가원 양식 다운로드.

That should kickoff around 10h15.. Friday 6 August.

And YES, you will obviously be able to watch on our webcam (check the link to webcam at the top of this website – under the “logo.”

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