“Anything You Do In The Kitchen, You Can Do On A Fire” Justin Bonello

Justin Bonello, one of South Africa’s most loved chef’s and TV personalities, joined Kamini and Angel on air in the 2oV studio to talk about ‘Ultimate Braai Master’, which is set to kick off in to its second season very soon 스미싱 apk 다운로드.

Justin says that the show is all about “food, gees and outgoing personalities”; and he fills us in on the details of the Cape Town auditions which are worth attending- even if it is just for the fun of it 다운로드! He explains how there is a massive misconception surrounding the show which dupes people in to thinking that you need to be a really good chef in order to be a part of it 다운로드. He assures us that each contestant has some of the country’s best chefs “holding your hand” and guiding you through the entire event- so that even if one starts out as an average braai man, you will end up a braai master 다운로드.

Justin explains his view on why we love to braai so much; and gives us his best chef tips in to perfecting the favourite South African past time- believe it or not, the meat is not the star of the show 카카오톡 5 0 다운로드!

For all of his tips and info on the second season of Ultimate Braai master, be sure to check out the podcast below!

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