Afternoon Of Goodluck On 2oV Radio

Goodluck’s Juliet Harding chats to Dan and Bob about their new album, the Cape Town Tens and her love of the impossible-to-pronounce musical, Les Miserables 윈도우 프리뷰 다운로드.

Without revealing too much, Goodluck’s lead vocalist, Juliet Harding hinted that their forthcoming album will include projects which have “never been done before” on the music scene 다운로드. The boys also chat about the Cape Town Rugby Tens Festival and the Goodluck performance which was to take place at the beer filled event. Juliet assures us that even the “rugga bugga’s” present would appreciate the bands’ electro-swing beats robocopy.

To get all the latest on their forthcoming album and her first drinking experience, listen to the podcast on the link below.

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