Abstract Aimee’s brand new “What The Food Show” and Competition

Thats right folks, one of your favourite 2OVfm Jocks, Miss Abstract Aimee, will be launching her brand new Cooking and Lifestyle show called “What the Food” Friday night download.

The What The Food Show is a Thursday evening talk show hosted by Abstract AIMEE which is dedicated to discussing the latest and the greatest happenings in the Cape’s world of uber fine-dining, luxury travel, world-class wine-making and wellness & nutrition 다운로드!

Tonight we’ll be giving away a night at The Arabella Hotel and Spa to one lucky listener valued at R2000. So Tune in for all the details rebel inc 프리미엄.

Each and every show features a local chef from on of the Capes finest 5-star hotels or international restaurants. Each chef will have the opportunity to share with the audience their personal and unique recipes that any one at home can create in a jiffy, and of course we welcome you, the audience, to interact with us on twitter to ask the chef of the show anything you’ve always wanted to know about cooking world-class cuisine in your own kitchen 크롬 올드 버전 다운로드!




The highlight of each show is the Daniel Churchill feature 다운로드. Daniel Churchill has become a household name in Australia, and most recently right here in South Africa with the broadcasting of the Master Chef Australia series on DSTV in which he was one of the more successful contestants 트로트 경음악 다운로드.


Click Through for the fantastic competition Details..




Daniel Churchill is all about making nutritious cooking, realistic and delicious. On his way to becoming the Healthy Cook of the world, Dan has formulated recipes that are easily replicated but more importantly showcase why food that is great for your waistline is even better for your taste buds.

Daniel also owns his own fitness coaching business in Australia and has written a cook-book called ‘Dude Food’ and he has also begun writing his new cook book series called The Healthy Cook, which is based on his healthy lifestyle and ability to cook nutritious meals that taste AMAZING! The  Healthy Cook will soon be released in South Africa. In each feature Daniel will share with us his personal tips on how to make eating nutritionally-rich whole foods taste delicious! The main aim here is to teach and educate people how to improve the quality of their lives, live with increased vitality, prevent illness and disease and most importantly live for LONGER by combining proper balanced nutrition with exercise in a way that is fun and sustainable! Tune into this extraordinary feature every Thursday from 6:45pm-7:15pm to learn how YOU  can implement Daniels incredible healthy lifestyle choices into your OWN life.

Expect to also hear interesting discussions on a weekly basis with the crème-de-la-creme of the Capes Winemaking community! In this slot there will be wine and food pairing courses on-air as well as awesome giveaways and prizes from the best of the Capes wine estates!

Travel the Cape with Abstract AIMEE as she takes you on a journey through the best wine estates, hotels and restaurants that our beautiful province has to offer!


twitter: @churchill_dan

Instagram: @dan_churchill






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