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Aimee Eveleigh aka Abstract AIMEE – is a 30 year old Libran with a thirst for knowledge 무료 전자 책 다운로드. Not accepting the version of reality that most indoctrination institutions force us to follow, Aimee has spent many years researching the alternative media spectrum and has dedicated her life in making a serious attempt to explain the rapid changes that the world is going through today nanumi imageplus. Though controversial, her views are well thought out, profound, and backed up by a wealth of researched data.
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AbstractAIMEE has been involved in the broadcasting industry for a number of years, working as both presenter and producer on a couple of radio stations 다운로드. Her show on 2oceansVibe Radio is dedicated to discussing how to break free of moulded conformity and answer the biggest questions about being alive on this planet today: why are we here 다운로드? Who really rules the world and how to embrace your truest multi-dimensional self in these chaotic times to harness your limitless, infinite potential as a universal sentient being with immense power 약장사 다운로드.

RED 헤더스 다운로드! The Gallery had teamed up with Aimee Eveleigh, online radio presenter and podcaster to present an 8-part live streaming internet radio series via every Wednesday from 4:00pm 다운로드.

Launching Wednesday 11th October and running through until the 29th of November 2017, Each episode will feature the personal stories, life-work and personalities behind the art that enthusiasts have been observing and loving for years in Cape Town 코레일 다운로드.

The first three artists profiles will be included in each live stream in the following order, and podcasts will be published on as well as on their Facebook Page ( each week thereafter for fans to download and listen to as part of the experience of launching the Bree Street Extension to RED!’s evolving repertoire

This is an Activism themed show 다운로드. She focuses on animal and human rights stories and cases, research into a multitude of alternative healing modalities, Nutrition – with a focus on non-GMO food and veganism –  World Religions and Spirituality , alternative music and local artists– and lastly uncovering stories suppressed from mainstream media in a style best described as investigative journalism 갬블 시티.

Here are some of the regular features on The Abstract Aimee Show:

Meet Dr Leila

Easy Green Living 

Ask Doctor Scott

Nutrition, Truthfully

Behind The Knife

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