3 Easter Recipes You Need To Try This Weekend

As the long-weekend approaches South Africans are in lockdown no doubt trying to find creative ways to keep themselves entertained 다운로드.


With this in mind, here are some ideas to celebrate family day the lockdown way 터치 vpn 다운로드. Video chat platforms like Zoom, Facetime and House Party are all great tools to remain connected with family, loved ones and friends. So, why not use the long weekend to host a couple of themed dinner parties with delicious food, company and upcycled décor 핑크퐁 다운로드.

Add some true South African spirit into your virtual themed party with these delicious Rhodes Quality recipes: vegie bunny chow, boerewors and mash with chakalaka and Cape Malay style pickled fish – three proudly SA dishes with some crafty suggestions of ways to use your leftover tin cans 다운로드.

Veggie Bredie Bunny Chow

Inspired by Durban’s iconic bunny-chow, this recipe is great for all the lockdown tinned foods in the cupboard Coolpack download. What could be more South African than a bunny chow?

Create tin can tea lights by cleaning the tin, then piercing holes into patterns and placing a candle inside 다운로드. A map of Africa, your family initials or motivating catch phrases are sure to add some light and ambiance to your virtual dinner.


Boerewors and Mash with Chakalaka

Easy and budget friendly, this recipe is the perfect solution for a hearty family meal 다운로드.

Crafty Tip: Create Spekboom planters by cleaning the tin cans and painting them with the South African flag, Shweshwe designs or anything uniquely South African 다운로드. Use them to plant succulents or Spekboom. You could even gift them to family after lock-down.

Cape Malay Style Pickled Fish

Enjoy the flavour of the Cape with this quick and easy dish – a South African favourite and perfect for the long-weekend 다운로드. The secret? Apricot jam. This dish will keep fresh in the fridge for up to a week. The fish is cooked first and is then pickled and served cold.

Bread lovers can also consider baking some delicious mini bread loaves in the leftover jam cans to serve with your pickled fish samsung flow pc. And if you still have jam left, Rhodes Quality jam cans are fridge friendly, so with a handy snap cap, you can store in the fridge after opening.

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