2Non-Blondes is hosted by two of South Africa’s up and coming female acts avira 다운로드. Kim Sanssoucie (a bluff, Durban native) is a former news reader on Cape Town’s Good Hope FM, and an award winning actress as well as dancer and writer 전망 좋은 집 다운로드.

Nina Hastie (a Pretoria native) is a stand up comic, voice artist and writer and moonlights as a marketing guru.

These two liberated women have opinions that are shared by their generation of women, and are taking the responsibility of being the mouth piece for other women that are also emancipated 다운로드. They’re a laugh a minute, and are bound to get people talking.Expect an electic music selection from indie alternatives to underground hip hop to 70s soul and funk 다운로드.

Stylistically, Nina and Kim both have razor sharp wit, with a little bit of a gritty side. They take the soap box derby and give it a
lowered suspension, dik rims, and sub woofers 다음팟인코더 다운로드. Its edgy, its funny and its relevant.

“Look, we’re not going to be burning bras, but tell us about the sale. We’ll also give you tips on how to please your husband, boyfriend, or how to change your spark plugs.” ~ 2Non-Blondes

Catch 2Non-Blondes every Saturday and Sunday from 12-3pm broadcasting live from Melrose Arch in Johannesburg 다운로드.




Contact: ninahastie@gmail.com

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