Hardiman Versus Williams

Monday to Thursday
10am – 12pm

Irreverent intelligence with a touch of class…

When a guest of Lindsay Williams said a mild swear word on his FM radio show, an avalanche of bitter complaints followed. He joined 2oceansVibe Radio a week later.

Whilst not condoning the gratuitous use of profanities, whether mild or extra strength, Hardiman Versus Williams stands for the right to do so, the right to say what it thinks. We applaud the fundamental right of our ever-growing listenership to turn off, should we ever start broadcasting the nauseating spew that has become the norm on South African radio.

Richard Hardiman and Lindsay Williams are from different backgrounds, of different ages, embrace different beliefs, have different accents, and have different favourite colours. Richard eats cows, while Lindsay cuddles beetroots.

What all this means is a glorious, riotous caper that, while poking fun at the world (and itself) is at the same time an intelligent and informed antidote to the over-regulated, formulaic stodge to which we have all been forced to become used.

Richard Hardiman:
Some stay because of the music. Some stay purely for the wealth, fame and free concert tickets. One however decided to turn his back on everything that he thought was wrong with the State of South African radio and decided to shoot for something new, fun, irreverent and possibly bankrupting – morally at any rate… still it was better than announcing the solid hour of music coming up on his show and that one of those tunes was a favourite from Celine Dion… the irony.

Rich Hardiman was the first employed terrestrial radio DJ in South Africa to hang-up the daily grind of FM radio and look to the internet for broadcasting freedom… oddly enough the others haven’t followed. Yet.

Hailing from Hout Bay in the Cape, but now wearing shoes, this “soutie” with 14 years of radio broadcasting legacy is now attempting to unlearn everything he once knew and do a proper radio show for a change.

He has interviewed Celine Dion while maintaining a broad smile, has chewed the fat with U2 and was the first person to tell the Western Cape that Princess Diana had died, live on radio. It’s a checkered past.

He now resides at the 2oceansVibe Compound and plans never to leave, barring a Navy SEAL’s hit to remove him.

Lindsay Williams:
Lindsay Williams realized fairly quickly that the financial services was a closed-book to him after one of his clients ventured the opinion, “I would’ve done better if I’d given my money to a monkey on a stick”.

This startling candour pushed Lindsay into the media, starting as a freelancer for the then new FHM and moving on to broadcasting business at 702 Talk Radio, ClassicFM, and a lengthy stint as senior anchor at Summit TV.

He still broadcasts business and current affairs for Cape Town based FMR101.3fm, but recently occupies his mornings as the voice-of-reason on 2oceansVibe Radio’s ‘Hardiman Versus Williams’, as well as acting as general minder for the bright young things. Lindsay has 2 gorgeous offspring, and lives with his equally gorgeous partner Linda in the bucolic splendour of Constantia.

Contact: kirsty@2oceansviberadio.com

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