Overdrive Live with Ciro & Gavin

17h00 – 18h00

They have been best mates for so long even their parents get confused about whose kid is whose. It’s a natural comedy duo act, the type you have with your mates when your only aim is to make the other one laugh till beer pours through their nose.

Gavin Williams and Ciro De Sienna are car journalists who are nuts about just three things. Cars, F1 and soccer. In the same way that Top Gear made women enjoy a car show, Gav and Ciro deliver a show that makes men enjoy being men and women realize that perhaps there will be a need to re-evaluate the guy they are seeing.

Gavin’s music, driven mainly by his mystical iPod that just “knows what to play and when” and Ciro’s innate ability to know how to make Gavn laugh are just two of the hundreds of reasons for making a date with the Overdrive Live team.

Except if you’re a girl. But then you may want to just check what boys get up to when they are free to run wild with cars, sports and music.

Contact: desiena@gmail.com

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