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18h00 – 20h00

Welcome to Captain Kai’s World, a place where action sports are considered a real job, 9-5 is a memory and life is lived to the fullness it so richly deserves. You will meet the best Action Sports Athletes, Media and Social Net workers, get insight into their lives and connect with them online. All played out to a backtrack of underground rock, hip hop and beats. Your Wednesday night just got a whole lot better!

Captain Kai is a serial blogger ( and knows Action Sports better than anyone in South Africa. He is the Head Judge of SA Snowboarding, a commentator for surfing, snowboarding and his Tv Show, theGoodLife on Supersport. The MC at many a Festival, including this year’s Billabong Pro Music Festival. He also is pretty friendly with most of SA’s top bands and DJ’s, so expect to hear from these guys at any point.

Remember – Life is for Living! Get out there!

Twitter: KapteinKai


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