Bass Instinct

20h00 – 22h00

Candice is one half of the unstoppable musical duo Blush ’N Bass – two South African females that bring a tasteful, yet sexy, music experience to electro nightclubs in SA. Candice calls her DJ partner, Miss Taryn Pickett, her sister and even her other half.  Together they provide the perfect ambient background music for many a lounge event and leave crowds literally screaming along with vigour to their anthemic indie-electro sets.

Now it has to be said, that a lot of female acts bring a great touch of femininity and finesse to their sets and this is definitely true of Blush ’N Bass. But it also has to be said that these two girls can show up and shake down any male electro/indie DJ to his boots – this is evident by the pure power present on every one of their dance floors.

Candice Heyns from Blush ’N Bass will be hosting Bass Instinct. With her strong passion for Radio and great personality, she promises a professionally delivered show with  music that will tantalize anyone’s ears . Taryn Pickett will add to this spice by treating the audience to a complete Blush ’N Bass once-a-month special broadcast.

Candice is here to take you through a musical journey and without you even realizing it, you will be off your couch, tapping your feet, clapping your hands or dancing in front of your mirror singing to yourself! This is not about one genre of music, it’s about GOOD music. If Candice finds the best beat in a track that might be dubstep, indie disco, electro house, electronic, drum n bass, house or even techno, you can bet you’ll hear it.  There will be a story behind the songs, the track selection and the featured artist of the week. Candice, with her addiction at finding new music daily, has finally found a platform to share this with you and teach you the great sounds of real music.

Twitter: @CandiceHeyns


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